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The Cost of Crappy Security In Software Infrastructure 156

blackbearnh writes "Everyone these days knows that you have to double- and triple-check your code for security vulnerabilities, and make sure your servers are locked down as tight as you can. But why? Because our underlying operating systems, languages, and platforms do such a crappy job of protecting us from ourselves. The inevitable result of clamoring for new features, rather than demanding rock-solid infrastructure, is that the developer community wastes huge amounts of time protecting their applications from exploits that should never be possible in the first place. The next time you hear about a site that gets pwned by a buffer overrun exploit, don't think 'stupid developers!', think 'stupid industry!'"
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The Cost of Crappy Security In Software Infrastructure

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  • Re:Ugh (Score:1, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday June 01, 2012 @04:14PM (#40184887)

    I considered giving up my girlfriend and peddling my ass down the gay part of town, but no, I really didn't. Just like I would never buy a Mac for myself or my family when I could get the same performance and security out of a Linux box for 1/7 the price.

    Here's a Mac-related joke, though - why did they bury Steve Jobs face-down? So people like you could stop by for a cold one! Hah heh, silly Macfags.

    -- Ethanol-fueled

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