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Oracle's Ellison Vows "Most Comprehensive Cloud On Earth" 78

CWmike writes "Oracle CEO Larry Ellison declared the company is ready to offer 'the most comprehensive cloud on the planet Earth,' during a webcast event on Wednesday. 'It's been a long time coming,' Ellison said of the Oracle Public Cloud, which encompasses Oracle's suite of Fusion Applications delivered as both SaaS (software as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) features, including the Java Cloud Service and Database Cloud Service. It's also the home of Oracle Social Network, the company's foray into Facebook-like collaboration tools for enterprises. Wednesday's event — and Twitter (where his first tweet is a gem) — also provided Ellison with an opportunity to tout what he called Oracle Public Cloud's many advantages over rivals such as SAP and, as well as to engage in some of his traditional competitive trash talk."
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Oracle's Ellison Vows "Most Comprehensive Cloud On Earth"

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  • by theNetImp ( 190602 ) on Thursday June 07, 2012 @08:09AM (#40242783)

    The "rain cloud"?

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I am for 100% natural clouds!

  • Larry Ellison has been talking about the cloud for years he has openly said the client / server configuration is stupid. His big hold up in the 90's was dial up now with everyone having dial up this is no longer a pipe dream. I am happy Oracle is pushing forward with this in Ellison book he talks extensively on cloud environment.
    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward

      +1 low effort cloadsourced astroturf.

    • by arth1 ( 260657 ) on Thursday June 07, 2012 @08:30AM (#40242903) Homepage Journal

      Larry Ellison has been talking about the cloud for years he has openly said the client / server configuration is stupid.

      Is this the same Larry Ellison who said that PCs were doomed and the future was client-server models with thin clients - especially his Network Computer?

      Don't you guys all reply on your Oracle NCs at the same time, now...

  • by NoNonAlphaCharsHere ( 2201864 ) on Thursday June 07, 2012 @08:21AM (#40242839)
    It's a pretty slick interface. First you edit 5 different text files in various directories, then you run half a dozen commands from the command line, then you log in and do another half dozen commands before finally loading your friends and likes/dislikes lists, then you go out and buy more memory. But at last, you're ready to log in see what all your friends named "scott" are up to.
    • by Freaky Spook ( 811861 ) on Thursday June 07, 2012 @08:33AM (#40242931)

      Also knowing Oracle's licensing model.

      You buy a license per friend you add
      You pay per photo upload
      You also pay per click when friends click on your photo
      You get an allocated number of status updates a month, and after that allocation you pay per message.
      You also need to buy Premium support in case your account gets hijacked.
      If you want to move to another social network, you need to pay Oracle to return your data to you.

      • You forgot that you also pay dearly for how fast you can type.
      • It will run IA64 software, but only for the next 12 months, however, they will sign contracts with you to pledge support for that architecture.
        It will run X86_64 software, but the licenses will cost 4 times as much as running SPARC software.

        And the kicker:
        The developers will all flee to another company and fork the project once enough momentum has been gained to impose a draconian license change
    • The Oracle Social Network piece seems pretty solid, but some people think the configuration might be a little difficult (until they pass their Oracle cert tests).

      Here's the sample SCLINIT.ORA (it should be "social-init.ora" but damn that 8+3 filename convention):

      (FRIEND_LIST =
      (FRIEND_DESC =
      (FRIEND_HOME = /mongolia/otrar/)

    • Don't forget that when you have any application that wants to use the Oracle Social Network, you have to reconfigure your tnsnames.ora file.

  • Most Comprehensive Cloud On Earth

    At a summit of political and military leaders from around the world, unanimous approval is given to a plan code-named "Operation Dark Storm []", which aims to cut the machines off from the sun, their primary energy source. The plan is executed in 2095, with high altitude bombers dispersing sky-darkening nanomachines into the air, while the human armies simultaneously launch a ground offensive against the machine forces.

  • by Alien Being ( 18488 ) on Thursday June 07, 2012 @08:31AM (#40242907)

    A cloud with no silver lining.

  • by eddy ( 18759 ) on Thursday June 07, 2012 @08:47AM (#40243043) Homepage Journal

    Oracle Cloud is combine best of both world: cheap of Oracle Enterprise DB and simple of J2EE.

    source []

  • by philj ( 13777 ) on Thursday June 07, 2012 @08:48AM (#40243053)
    • by NoNonAlphaCharsHere ( 2201864 ) on Thursday June 07, 2012 @09:07AM (#40243211)
      Heh. "DATABASE: The Oracle database you love, now in the cloud".

      "DINNER: The coppery taste you love, now in larger portions."
    • Wait.. "comprehensive" is 3 applications + java platform + oracle DB? I don't think that word means what Ellison thinks it means.

    • I guess cloud is mainly for business as for an individual it doesn't make much sense. I keep seeing an add for backup that advertise it cost $.25 a gigabyte per month. That would mean it would cost $250 a terabyte per month. One could buy two usb 2 terabyte hard drives for that amount so one could store locally a lot more. The only thing I could see that would be worth backing up would be home videos, music, and pictures and one would have to do a lot to generate that much data. I can see a day soon wh
  • SAP bought Ariba (Score:5, Interesting)

    by aslanuk ( 949345 ) on Thursday June 07, 2012 @08:52AM (#40243097)
    This is pure headlines because SAP announced they are to acquire Ariba for $4.7bln a few weeks back. Ariba is the #1 SaaS procurement software vendor from sourcing through to payment. I beleive what made Ariba so valuable (10x revenue) was their network of businesses. I would not class myself as an expert but it appears that if you want to source, procure or invoice then you connect your business to your trading partners over this network - it was described as the Facebook for business. A quick guess would be this removes paper from the process, means everything's electronic, reduces cost and other PHB's wet dreams. Reading around it looks like Ariba was kicking Oracle and SAP's booty in this space and their network was growing at a huge rate. There is a lot of opinion on SAP's acquisition of Ariba but if Larry hasn't got this network part then it's Oracle On Demand by another name. I guess SAP think this network is the key, looked at google+ and realised that to build it themselves once an established player is in play is difficult.
    • What are you doing writing sensible comments on an article whose headline includes the words "Oracle" and "Cloud"? I came here for the lulz, dammit!
  • Sound like a definite oxymoron to me. "Apprehensive Cloud" would be more fitting.

  • Cloud : A meaningless term that encompasses everything from network storage up to a fully virtualised system

    By most of the industry definitions a desktop PC is a local single node cloud ...!

    Put your data in the cloud, where the company hosting it can ransom it back to you

    Run your business from the cloud, so if your internet connection goes down you have no business ....

    • Cloud : A meaningless term that encompasses everything from network storage up to a fully virtualised system

      By most of the industry definitions a desktop PC is a local single node cloud ...!

      Ok. I'll bite. Enlighten us oh knowledgeable one. By who's definitions a desktop PC is a cloud? And how is the term meaningless?
      Or are you raging on because you can't put that term into your CV?

      • Ok. I'll bite. Enlighten us oh knowledgeable one. By who's definitions a desktop PC is a cloud?
        And how is the term meaningless?

        "Cloud" is a meme propogated virally. I doubt anyone has any clue who is responsible for the term or what it really means. In the process of propogation it has been abused, misused and redefined by everyone wishing to describe any service offered over a WAN as they all believe or assert it to be a critically important keyword that will bring interest and sales to their offerings.

        I used to see it in network diagrams to show telco ATM/Frame cloud, Internet..etc as simply a resources outside of your adminis

        • I believe NIST has a definition of what the cloud is - []
          It will go through several iterations, just like SOA did.

          Also, cloud isn't a meme it's a buzzword.
          Virtualization hasn't been replaced by the term cloud neither has it changed it's meaning, with that you are mistaken.(There are some people that refer to virtualization as cloud, but those are mostly people that want to mock both terms)

          I'm just waiting for someone to throw in "The cl
      • Desktop PC - Run Apache Hadoop on it .... is this now a cloud computer? Or Not ....?

        I don't want that term on my CV ... it is so nebulous it is meaningless ... my CV has real Specific Applications on it some of which are generally thought of as "Cloud" ...

        • Desktop PC - Run Apache Hadoop on it .... is this now a cloud computer? Or Not ....?

          Yeah.... Right.... Hadoop makes a desktop PC into a cloud.
          Next time when you try to mock something you don't really understand, at least make an effort to know why it's bad.

          my CV has real Specific Applications on it some of which are generally thought of as "Cloud"

          Based on your first statement, I will keep my doubts.

    • Don't worry "cloud" is just what Ellison likes to call litigation.

  • I prefer Harlan Ellison's Ideas instead.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I know he's the type of person that surrounds himself with yes men and sycophants because he seems oblivious to the notion that the world hates him and his company.

    Oracle's relationships with it's customers resembles a hostage situation more than anything else. I imagine an Oracle sales rep as a crazed gunman making ever wilder and arbitrary demands while keeping your servers and data hostage.

    At some point in every company's life their core products become obsolete. The company either adapts or dies. When n

    • ..why is Oracle still in business ? Is it sadomasochism on the part of his victims ? Would be a nice explanation - sado-maso is real biz.
  • ... Payment Plan, to boot, I'd wager.
  • When Ahboracle jumps on board with crap like this you know it has peaked.

  • I'm in Seattle. We already have widespread cloud coverage here.

    • Yea, some of those leaked over here to the Tri-Cities. It's depressing, all this gray and rain. Will you take you clouds back? We don't like them over here.

      In exchange, we'll gladly take that big yellow orb in the sky that frightens you so much whenever it sneaks into your area.


  • by sandytaru ( 1158959 ) on Thursday June 07, 2012 @10:46AM (#40244383) Journal
    Their real competition in this space is Amazon, and they don't even seem to be addressing that. The majority of cloud work I've done lately has been using AWS instances. Yes, Salesforce has the big name for enterprise class ERP apps, but the big data crunching, file distribution, and work all seems to be happening with AWS these days.
  • Oracle isn't competing with They have NO sales offering what-so-ever. They just bought RightNow which has a mediocre sales offering, but Oracles specifically told its customers it doesn't plan to invest any time into it, and Rightnow certainly hasn't over the past 10 years. So they basically have a bunch of SAAS ticketing systems, which are nice and work well, but they do not have anything that can even remotely touch salesforce.
  • Oracle lost, but they have not been forgiven or forgotten. Good luck picking them up as future customers with your me-too-but-costs-ten-times-as-much cloud offering. Oh, and there are quite a few of them already, with literally millions more every day.

  • If you thought Oracle was not already cool enough just wait for the hosted grid version of rman and an even more incredibly "unbreakable" platform with the security record that makes Adobe look good.

    Mr Ellison and crew always put a grin on my face they are still in business with their outrageous pricing and dated technology I fear has a lot to do with massive government waste of our taxpayer dollars.

  • It reflects Larry Ellison's "comprehension" of the online future.

    Sadly, Larry Ellison is no Harlan Ellison. Bye-bye, Oracle.
  • They just can't decide, can they?

    I guess Blizzard should be worried.

  • "Oracle's Ellison Most Comprehensive Clod On Earth"?

    -- Terry

  • Well, the cloud he has cast over the computing industry in general seems fairly comprehensive.

They are called computers simply because computation is the only significant job that has so far been given to them.