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Microsoft Relents On Metro-Only Visual Studio Express 228

snydeq writes "After hearing objections from developers, Microsoft will offer a version of its Visual Studio Express 2012 package for desktop application development after all. The company had previously announced that Express 2012 editions, which are free, platform-specific versions of the Visual Studio 2012 IDE, would be limited to Windows 8 Metro-style development as well as development for the Windows Azure cloud platform, Windows Phone, and Web applications. 'We heard from our community that developers want to have for Windows desktop development the same great experience and access to the latest Visual Studio 2012 features at the Express level. ... And it will enable developers working on open source applications to target existing and previous versions of Windows.'"
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Microsoft Relents On Metro-Only Visual Studio Express

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  • by Missing.Matter ( 1845576 ) on Friday June 08, 2012 @04:39PM (#40262137)
    I don't mind the transition between desktop and start screen at all, but if you do, you can just put a shortcut do desktop in your startup folder and it'll take you right there on startup.
  • by drkstr1 ( 2072368 ) on Friday June 08, 2012 @08:11PM (#40264479)

    Everyone I know disables that shit as soon as they figure out how (or that they even can). "Everyone I know" includes far more than just smart people.

    Really? I'm surprised to hear that. The task bar is actually my favorite UI feature on Windows 7. I have about 3/4 of my task bar pinned with the applications I use on a mostly daily basis. I pin the lesser used apps to my start menu. I am usually running quite a few apps at once, so it's nice knowing exactly where it will be on my taskbar when I need to switch to it. I can get the mouse in the general area of the icon before I even need to look at them. Before the Win7 task bar, I was an ALT+TAB guy. This way is much faster for me.

    Just my opinion anyways.

  • by hairyfeet ( 841228 ) <bassbeast1968 AT gmail DOT com> on Friday June 08, 2012 @09:43PM (#40265101) Journal

    How about answering a few questions for me? What advantages does metro give you that weren't already present in desktop gadgets? How has metro improved your workflow over Win 7? How is the current design better on a NON touch screen desktop or laptop (which is over 90% of the PCs sold ATM) than Win 7? what benefits has Win 8 given you?

    Because frankly i could find nice things about every previous release of the last decade, even Vista. with Vista you had a better memory model, better support for 64 bit, and with UAC, ASLR, and DEP you had MSFT finally allowing users to run as users and not admins and still have programs function, even if UAC bugged the crap out of people too often.

    But after using Win 8 at the shop for a month the ONLY nice thing I can come up to say about it is "It'll probably be decent on a cell phone or a tablet" which would be fine IF you were talking about a company that had significant share in cell phones and tablets but we're not, we're talking about a company that threw hundreds of million after WinPhone and it went absolutely nowhere fast.

    So if you think win 8 is good? Fine happy for you but at least EXPLAIN why you think its good, what benefits you have seen, and please don't do like Sinofsky and pretend that the world is gonna embrace PCs as "supergigantic smartphones" and rush out to buy touchscreens! Did anybody see his last Win 8 talk? i think he said touchscreen something like 30 damned times! less than 4% of the X86 market is touchscreens but watching him talk he has honestly deluded himself into thinking folks are gonna give up those 27in monitors for some $300 17in touchscreen! I got news for ya, Sinofsky? your shit ain't THAT good, in fact my customers all think it blows.

    so please don't give us esoteric workaround crap just to get back what we've lost, sell it to us, tell us what we have gained. Because other than feeling like my desktop monitor ought to have a slider keyboard like a giant cell phone i'm just not seeing any benefits where i'm sitting. hell if you are the type addicted to twitter and FB and need 24/7/365 updates there are already gadgets that do that, so even that isn't a gain.

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