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Apache Terminates Struts 1 61

twofishy writes "Struts 1, the venerable Java MVC Web framework, has reached End Of Life status, the Apache foundation has announced. In a sense, the move simply formalises what has already happened, as the Struts team have focused their efforts on version 2; the last release of Struts 1 was version 1.3.10 in December 2008. The change of status does mean however that, whilst the code and documentation will still be available, no further security patches or bug fixes will be issued."
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Apache Terminates Struts 1

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    I like to get my knitting done whilst watching the telly.

  • by russotto ( 537200 ) on Sunday April 07, 2013 @10:42PM (#43387765) Journal

    Answer: A good start. If I never see another framework which makes you write the same thing three different times in three different ways, and claims it's making things "easier" by doing so, it'll be 15 years too late.

    • by asylumx ( 881307 )
      Technically, typing the same thing three times is a lot easier than coming up with three completely different things to type.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    ... Struts is the most appaling MVC framework for web applications ever invented. It is a poor abstraction of the underlying servlet mechanism, it requires a hideously complicated configuration file and the original logic tags were some of the worst ever invented.

    Struts 2 is of course polishing a turd.

    • Well, Struts 2 was a completely different thing. Why WebWork thought Struts was the right brand to associate with, we'll never know.

    • Amen. Vote parent up.

      Whoever designed the Struts tag libraries is a stupid cunt who deserves slow torture, followed by slow, lingering death for all the developer productivity he's destroyed over the years.

    • by ggeens ( 53767 )

      ... Struts is the most appaling MVC framework for web applications ever invented.

      Well, it was the first MVC framework. Back in 2000, we were glad we weren't doing plain JSP/Servlet.

      Later, we started using newer frameworks. Pretty soon, we noticed we were working several times faster than in Struts.

  • Struts is open source software that any java developer can fix bugs for themselves. As far as I know, two big companies in my city are using Struts 1 since 10 years ago. They never had a chance to migrate to version 2 because too many code to convert.
  • I'm glad. Struts 1 wasn't such a good framework. It was first framework a lot of Java developers used these days, and one of the first frameworks available, and back then there wasn't that much choice. But today we have much more and much better ones. If you are still using Struts 1 in this day and age, you're doing something wrong... Even for legacy systems, there was plenty of time to refactor.


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