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Gecko May Drop the Blink Tag 138

AmiMoJo writes "It looks like Mozilla are finally going to remove the much hated blink tag from the Gecko rendering engine that powers Firefox. Work to remove support for the tag, which was always non-standard and is not supported by the most popular HTML layout engines WebKit and Blink (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Android), is progressing and should show up in a future version of the browser." A comment attached to the discussion of this (not completed) move points out the odd possibility that Google's new Blink rendering engine may feature the blink tag via CSS animation, which would be "hilarious/awesome."
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Gecko May Drop the Blink Tag

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  • by dackroyd ( 468778 ) on Tuesday April 09, 2013 @11:21AM (#43401763) Homepage

    Well this might - be really I'm not sure I _want_ this to work. []

  • Re:Use CSS (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 09, 2013 @11:22AM (#43401789)

    This. How can people not know this has existed since forever as a CSS property?
    It is madness I tell you.

    No wonder the web tech is sitting in the 1500s, nobody knows what the hell the features are.

    Might as well post this and destroy the sites speed further, a very useful thing in CSS that gets rid of the need for ID Abuse.
    Actually, I won't link it since the site is slow as hell already, only the worthy will copy and paste or bother to right click and go.
    Good luck, Arthur.
    Actually this site loads quickly and is more detailed
    Nth Child expressions []
    Most useful thing in CSS for selection.

    I wonder what other features people don't know about.
    So many new and older things that get obscured by "hey check this new useless feature out, DRM for HTML5" and other fun stuff.

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