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KDevelop 4.5 Released 97

jrepin writes "KDE's integrated development environment KDevelop has just reached version 4.5. 'In this new version you will find brand new integration for Unit Tests, so that you can easily run and debug them while working on your projects. Furthermore, you'll find an iteration of our New Class wizard, many changes regarding polishing the UI in different places, better support for C++11 features and some other things you'll find along the way.'"
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KDevelop 4.5 Released

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  • ... I'd rather have a framework- and technology-neutral development environment.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Qt Creator is so far ahead of Kdevelop its not even funny. If people want to be productive, using KDevelop is sadly not feasible. It never really was, even back then when it started I used C++ Builder and Visual Studio 6, both ran circles around Kdevelop, and quite frankly any OSS solution. Now I am a bit older and not as scared of makefiles and so on, but there is no OSS RAD IDE out there, fact. Qt Creator is close, and I prefer this over Visual Studio, even on windows and its better than XCode too.

    I just

    • Re:Qt Creator. (Score:5, Informative)

      by Noughmad ( 1044096 ) <> on Saturday April 27, 2013 @02:10PM (#43568595) Homepage

      Have you even tried KDevelop since version 4? Or, in the proud KDE tradition, something after 4.2?

      QtCreator has some additional integration for pure Qt projects, such as qmake and QML. On the other hand, KDevelop has far superior completion, and even code coloring. Not just syntax, but every variable and function has its own color. For me, this is the killer feature that only KDevelop has, and I find it very very hard to read code without it. I tried some newer versions of VS, Eclipse and QtCreator, but none of them have coloring, and none of them have completion comparable to KDevelop.

      • VS and Xcode dominate their respective platforms, obviously.

        Eclipse grew out of a Java IDE to become something of a universal platform. The env for Java excels but 'foreign' languages not to the same level of polish. (e.g. I've tinkered with scala and jruby)

        So yeah, more power to an IDE tailored to getting the fundamentals of barebones C++/KDE done well.

        • by xtracto ( 837672 )

          I always liked DevCPP and later Code::Blocks. KDevelop seemed very buggy as it crashed very often, and it also felt very resource hungry (and you needed a lot of clicks to start a project or program.

      • by Raenex ( 947668 )

        Not just syntax, but every variable and function has its own color.

        Wait, so it's not even colored by identifier type, but they just assign each identifier a unique color? Barf.

        A touch of color is useful for select elements. Anything more starts to look like a rainbow and adds more noise then signal.

      • by Raenex ( 947668 )

        For me, this is the killer feature that only KDevelop has, and I find it very very hard to read code without it.

        I should add that Eclipse has a way of highlighting uses of a particular variable that doesn't result in the rainbow overload. Just click on the variable name and it will automatically mark all occurrences for you.

  • by goruka ( 1721094 ) on Saturday April 27, 2013 @05:06PM (#43569853)
    KDE people makes awesome apps but it's too hard to get them working on windows. I used to use KDevelop a lot for C/C++, but having to constantly switch computers/places/OSs to develop (depending on the target platform), makes QtCreator the only IDE I can really use..
  • by Anonymous Coward

    ...really understands the power of KDevelop. The best feature of KDevelop is that it is built around the best GUI editor ever invented - Kate. Seriously, a Linux developer needs nothing more than a very good text editor and access to unix shell and commandline tools. KDevelop, as every good IDE, goes futher and besides the superb editor, provides support for projects, autocompletion, debugger integration and so on.
    I have used KDevelop for many of my C++ projects and despite a couple of bugs, it has been a g

    • by jmv ( 93421 )

      KDevelop 3 was indeed pretty nice and I used it for a while. But then -- like too many OSS projects these days -- developers decided it'd be much better if they rewrote it. The result is that version 3 stagnated for a long time and when KDevelop 4 was finally ready, it ditched support for many features, including autoconf/automake which I used for all my projects. That's when I switched to Eclipse/CDT and I've been happy with it since then.

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