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Indian FOSS Evangelist Atul Chitnis Dead At 51 39

New submitter knwny writes "Atul Chitnis, the man who popularized open software in India, died on 3rd June of intestinal cancer. As a technology mentor, writer and public speaker he promoted Linux and FOSS since the late 1980s through his association with various tech magazines and conferences. He introduced Linux to thousands of PC Quest magazine readers by convincing them to carry the first ever Linux distribution in India on its cover CD in 1996."
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Indian FOSS Evangelist Atul Chitnis Dead At 51

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  • Rest In Peace (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday June 04, 2013 @10:39AM (#43904681)

    Thank you Atul.
    You were a great influence to Indian CS graduates.

    I got introduced to Linux because of you when you gave out Free Slackware CDs.
    Internet Connectivity in India, especially in academic institutions, was too slow to download anything significant.
    You made it easy for our institution (NIT) to switch over to Linux.

    You will be missed.

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