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Why Your Users Hate Agile 597

Esther Schindler writes "What developers see as iterative and flexible, users see as disorganized and never-ending. This article discusses how some experienced developers have changed that perception. '... She's been frustrated by her Agile experiences — and so have her clients. "There is no process. Things fly all directions, and despite SVN [version control] developers overwrite each other and then have to have meetings to discuss why things were changed. Too many people are involved, and, again, I repeat, there is no process.' The premise here is not that Agile sucks — quite to the contrary — but that developers have to understand how Agile processes can make users anxious, and learn to respond to those fears. Not all those answers are foolproof. For example: 'Detailed designs and planning done prior to a project seems to provide a "safety net" to business sponsors, says Semeniuk. "By providing a Big Design Up Front you are pacifying this request by giving them a best guess based on what you know at that time — which is at best partial or incorrect in the first place." The danger, he cautions, is when Big Design becomes Big Commitment — as sometimes business sponsors see this plan as something that needs to be tracked against. "The big concern with doing a Big Design up front is when it sets a rigid expectation that must be met, regardless of the changes and knowledge discovered along the way," says Semeniuk.' How do you respond to user anxiety from Agile processes?"
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Why Your Users Hate Agile

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  • by Typical Slashdotter ( 2848579 ) on Tuesday June 04, 2013 @08:31PM (#43909979)

    I'm a developer and I also hate Agile -- specifically the daily stand-ups. I really don't care what everyone else is doing. Just have what you said you've have done by the time you said you'd have it done and we're good. The only time I care is if you need to change something or the due date. But then you could just come and tell me the instant you figure that out and not have to wait until the next stand-up.

    You're doing it wrong. The daily standups should be about 5 minutes and are mainly for communicating problems encountered, if any.

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