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All Else Being Equal: Disputing Claims of a Gender Pay Gap In Tech 427

An anonymous reader writes "Synthia Tan writes that when you investigate the actual data, controlling for non-gender factors (like number of hours worked) the gender pay gap seems to disappear. 'A longitudinal study of female engineers in the 1980s showed a wage penalty of essentially zero.' In some cases women make more than men: women who work between 30 and 39 hours a week make 111% of what their male counterparts make." The researchers were studying more recent data, too; what are things like on this front where you work?
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All Else Being Equal: Disputing Claims of a Gender Pay Gap In Tech

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  • by ranton ( 36917 ) on Tuesday March 04, 2014 @09:51AM (#46395683)

    I haven't even heard of a study that says there is a significant wage gap for at least a decade. When accounting for career, hours worked, experience, etc. the worst I have heard is a 3% wage gap. When you factor in that women are known to negotiate less for salary the gap probably disappears completely.

    The focus now needs to be on why women don't enter as many high paying fields (and whether that is even a problem at all). Focusing on the wage gap is pretty silly now.

  • All the same here (Score:5, Informative)

    by germansausage ( 682057 ) on Tuesday March 04, 2014 @09:54AM (#46395705)
    I have 2 junior engineers and 2 engineers-in-training working for me. One of each sex (like Noah's Ark really) and men and women in each job class are paid the same. I have one senior guy who is paid more, but he has 25 years in the field and a lot more knowledge and skills.
  • by cyborg_zx ( 893396 ) on Tuesday March 04, 2014 @10:24AM (#46395913)

    it's been my experience that a feminist vision of "equality"

    Why on Earth would anyone accuse you of being a sexist merely on the basis of your making sweeping generalizations about what you think an entire gender group means by "equality", based on your limited experience with a few members of that group?

    Feminist = entire gender group?

    Bloody feminazis demanding that individuals be treated as individuals.

    Might want to actually try seeing what these people are saying because it's about as far from that as one can get.

  • Missed a few things. (Score:4, Informative)

    by jythie ( 914043 ) on Tuesday March 04, 2014 @11:24AM (#46396505)
    I applaud the author for trying to keep things even and dig into the numbers, but she missed two rather critical things.

    The first thing she touched on was women staying in STEM. She dismisses this as personal choice and finding something 'more fulfilling', but most women I have talked to that dropped out of STEM did so more because of problems they encountered with coworkers and managers. They did not really want to leave the industry in order to take a lower paying job in another field, but they found treatment to be pretty bad and opportunities to be fairly restricted.

    And that brings us to the second point, opportunities. While it is true that actual pay for the same job tends to be fairly even, advancement opportunities for women still tend to be pretty limited. The same quality of work is often praised more for a male then a female and men are generally seen more as 'management material' and 'leaders', while the same leadership behaviors in women are often dismissed as being 'bitchy'. Dominance is often rewarded in men and punished for women, which results in fewer women getting those higher paying jobs within the same organization.

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