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You've Got Male: Amazon's Growth Impacting Seattle Dating Scene 315

reifman (786887) writes "San Francisco's gender imbalance is so bad that a startup recently proposed flying women in from New York City for dates. But, if you're a straight male thinking of moving to Seattle to work in technology, think again. Seattle's gender ratio is even more imbalanced and it's about to get much worse for men. Amazon is building out enough space to employ 5% of the city population and its workforce is 75 percent male. By the end of 2014, Seattle will have 130 single men for every 100 single women."
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You've Got Male: Amazon's Growth Impacting Seattle Dating Scene

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  • by DoofusOfDeath ( 636671 ) on Thursday May 15, 2014 @03:15PM (#47011493)

    Will it have 13 men per 10 women? 26 men per 20 women?

    Will it even have... 30% more men than women???

  • by xfade551 ( 2627499 ) on Thursday May 15, 2014 @03:23PM (#47011565)
    Everett, Tacoma-Lakewood-Puyallup, and Kitsap County have massive military populations (figure around 80-90% male for the military subpopulation). There's a tendency for the junior enlisted men to marry the local girls right out of high school, then they move away with their young wives on their next assignment. (These women often divorce their husbands when they find a place they like better than their hometown). ...And around 50% of the women left behind aren't worth dating.
  • by epyT-R ( 613989 ) on Thursday May 15, 2014 @03:43PM (#47011763)

    Stop blaming men for the lack of equal outcome. Stop telling men what is 'proper' to look for in a mate. Stop blaming them as the default problem when women aren't seen in the same numbers in a given context. In fact, stop lying about men, period. If women are intrinsically equal, they don't NEED help as they can fend for themselves.. Most women aren't interested in technology for itself, only what it can do for them, so even with incentives, you're not going to find a 50/50 split. This is ok as men and women are as different psychologically as they are biologically.

    You know, maybe you should start respecting their diversity and their right to choose other paths. I tire of this leftist equal-opportunity-must-beget-equal-outcome-else-discrimination fallacy.

  • by EmagGeek ( 574360 ) <(gterich) (at) (aol.com)> on Thursday May 15, 2014 @03:54PM (#47011873) Journal

    When I was going to Georgia Tech, I would have given anything for a 1.3:1 ratio.

  • by schnell ( 163007 ) <me@sch n e l l . net> on Thursday May 15, 2014 @06:23PM (#47013443) Homepage

    The problem is all those damn Disney movies parents use as babysitters.

    Not necessarily. When we had our first girl, my wife and I deliberately kept her away from all things Disney and princess-y to avoid just this situation.

    Guess what happened? By age two, she was already trying to wear mommy's high heels and had firmly decided her future vocation would be fairy ballerina - all without ever having seen a Disney/Barbie/whatever TV show, not having any dress-up dolls, or any of the other stereotypical toys that I had always assumed were what caused the gender role identification in young girls. It turns out that some little girls just love "girly" things because it's baked into their DNA somewhere.

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