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Google Is Offering Free Coding Lessons To Women and Minorities 376

redletterdave writes: According to a blog post from Gregg Pollack, CEO of the Code School, Google is paying for three free months for any women and minorities interested in tech to expand their skills. The offer is part of Google's $50 million "Made With Code" initiative, which aims to help close the gender gap in tech. While Google is also offering the same vouchers to the women in attendance at its annual I/O developers conference this week, the search giant has released an online application that's available to women everywhere. Google says its available vouchers for women number in the "thousands."
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Google Is Offering Free Coding Lessons To Women and Minorities

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  • by Intrepid imaginaut ( 1970940 ) on Saturday June 28, 2014 @06:38AM (#47339569)

    And yet the Irish were persecuted, savaged, slaughtered, enslaved, and treated as badly or worse than almost any other ethnic group in the US, and even today there is still quite a lot of racism against them, despite which they and their descendants appear to be prospering just fine as a community and as individuals without any affirmative action.

    Perhaps the secret is to allow people their own agency and stop infantilising them by telling them they start out handicapped, which might be why Michigan banned affirmative action in Universities.

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