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KDE Releases Frameworks 5 87

KDE Community (3396057) writes The KDE Community is proud to announce the release of KDE Frameworks 5.0. Frameworks 5 is the next generation of KDE libraries, modularized and optimized for easy integration in Qt applications. The Frameworks offer a wide variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. There are over 50 different Frameworks as part of this release providing solutions including hardware integration, file format support, additional widgets, plotting functions, spell checking and more. Many of the Frameworks are cross platform and have minimal or no extra dependencies making them easy to build and add to any Qt application. Version five of the desktop shell, Plasma, will be released soon, and packages of Plasma-next and KDE Frameworks 5 will trickle into Ubuntu Utopic over the next few days. There's a Live CD of Frameworks 5 / Plasma-next, last updated July 4th.
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KDE Releases Frameworks 5

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  • by sgage ( 109086 ) on Monday July 07, 2014 @07:34PM (#47403889)

    Your citation is crap.

    From the Wikipedia entry:

    "This article is written like a personal reflection or opinion essay that states the Wikipedia editor's particular feelings about a topic, rather than the opinions of experts."

    The Wikipedia editor is a KDE fanboi. That's fine - I'm liking KDE myself, but I have a really hard time believing that Gnome 3 is splitting 4% "market shaqre" with WindowMaker and Enlightenment. We need some real statistics.

  • by vux984 ( 928602 ) on Monday July 07, 2014 @07:41PM (#47403929)

    The wikipedia article you cite doesn't include those numbers. It doesn't even MENTION Unity or Cinnamon, nevermind give marketshare percentages.

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you simply cited the wrong link... but I can't verify you numbers, and frankly find them suspect.

  • by vux984 ( 928602 ) on Monday July 07, 2014 @07:44PM (#47403945)

    I don't see a table with those stats. I don't see a pie graph at all. Unity and Cinnamon aren't even mentioned on the page.

    This is the link I'm visting, copy/pasted from the GP post []

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday July 07, 2014 @08:20PM (#47404079)

    KDE is probably the least dumbed down desktop environment there is.

    It's really massively customizable in ways suitable for power users.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday July 08, 2014 @06:37AM (#47405983)

    "I hear complaints about size + complexity and hence about insecurity, but no more specific rationale given for them yet. "

    That's because the complaints are unfounded.

    The libraries are the same size or smaller than their 4.x counterparts. Very little new functionality was added, as the focus was on modularity and Qt5 support. The 4.x development cycles were about adding necessary *missing* frameworks, while 5.x is about refinement. So size is a bogus measurement, particular as many pieces were upstreamed into Qt5 to reduce duplication of code.

    Complexity is actually lowered. Before we had libraries that had complex internal interactions and were conglomerations of multiple topics. "core" is not a great definition for a library. ;) With each library now focused on specific tasks and with each library having well defined dependencies, the complexity of each library has greatly *lowered*.

    So people making the size/complexity comments (which is news to me, actually :) are simply not sufficiently informed.

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