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KDE Releases Frameworks 5 87

KDE Community (3396057) writes The KDE Community is proud to announce the release of KDE Frameworks 5.0. Frameworks 5 is the next generation of KDE libraries, modularized and optimized for easy integration in Qt applications. The Frameworks offer a wide variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. There are over 50 different Frameworks as part of this release providing solutions including hardware integration, file format support, additional widgets, plotting functions, spell checking and more. Many of the Frameworks are cross platform and have minimal or no extra dependencies making them easy to build and add to any Qt application. Version five of the desktop shell, Plasma, will be released soon, and packages of Plasma-next and KDE Frameworks 5 will trickle into Ubuntu Utopic over the next few days. There's a Live CD of Frameworks 5 / Plasma-next, last updated July 4th.
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KDE Releases Frameworks 5

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday July 07, 2014 @07:05PM (#47403719)

    Congratulations to all the contributors, and thank you for all your hard work on this project!

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday July 07, 2014 @07:18PM (#47403791)

    You clearly don't know how the Linux desktop market is organized.

    KDE 4 is the big player. It has 57% of the Linux desktop market.

    Unity is next. It has 14%.

    Xfce has 9%.

    Cinnamon has 5%.

    MATE has 5%.

    GNOME 2 has 4%.

    LXDE has 2%.

    The remaining 4% is spread among GNOME 3, CDE, WindowMaker, enlightenment and other minor players all with under 1% share.

    So as you can see, KDE basically is the Linux desktop market. Most Linux users today are using it.


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