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Programming Social Networks Twitter is Shutting Down ( 30

Social network is shutting down once and for all in March. The company said on March 14 it will be deleting all user data. The announcement comes two years after the company ceased active development on the platform. From the official blog post: Ultimately, we failed to overcome the chicken-and-egg issue between application developers and user adoption of those applications. We envisioned a pool of differentiated, fast-growing third-party applications would sustain the numbers needed to make the business work. Our initial developer adoption exceeded expectations, but that initial excitement didn't ultimately translate into a big enough pool of customers for those developers. This was a foreseeable risk, but one we felt was worth taking.
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  • Translation (Score:3, Insightful)

    by serviscope_minor ( 664417 ) on Friday January 13, 2017 @10:09AM (#53660421) Journal

    We envisioned a pool of differentiated, fast-growing third-party applications would sustain the numbers needed to make the business work.

    It means: we hoped a bunch of people would do most of the work for us for free.

    • Re:Translation (Score:5, Informative)

      by fuzzyfuzzyfungus ( 1223518 ) on Friday January 13, 2017 @11:17AM (#53660771) Journal
      If memory serves, the original logic behind the existence of this thing was dissatisfaction with Twitter jerking around 3rd party client developers in order to ensure that their freeloading peasants were exposed to enough advertising and had suitably limited control over layout, presentation, etc.

      This service was going to be the one where developers came first and you were the customer, not the product. As far as I know that part of the vision was delivered; it just turns out that demand for "Like twitter, except basically empty" isn't all that robust, no matter how nice the service is.
    • Bingo. It was a closed proprietary system, just like Twitter, so nobody with any sense adopted it.

  • This is the big break you've been waiting for man! Do your thing and save the internet. Real App appers app dammit, I got nothing, help me out.
    • Re: (Score:1, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward
      My copyrighted, trademarked, and app patented HOSTS file system would have prevented this app company's failure.


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      D.D.S. Flouride!
  • Juicy TLD on the horizon...
    • Yeah in 2020...

      I am sure this will be auctioned off long before it is available to the plebes.

  • by Desler ( 1608317 ) on Friday January 13, 2017 @10:45AM (#53660595)

    In May of 2014, entered maintenance mode. At that time we made the difficult decision to put into autopilot mode in an effort to preserve funds and to give it ample time to bake.

    This sounds like the real reason the platform died. They already effectively signaled they were dying 2.5 years ago. Why would any third party waste time investing in a platform when its creators aren't investing in it?

  • by Luthair ( 847766 ) on Friday January 13, 2017 @11:18AM (#53660775)
    A site no one has heard of shutdown, and makes first page news.
  • Skynet, reimagined.

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it's supposed to do. -- R. A. Heinlein