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Sleen writes: WTF is wrong with Slashdot? Whenever I scroll down as I am reading the headlines, at some point something happens and all of the sudden I can't see what I was reading because ALL these older headlines are added to the page making me lose my place. WTF is UP with that? Reading /. used to be so easy. I could read, scroll, read, scroll...all the way until maybe I have to access older posts. Now, every day the main page jumps as I am reading and then I have to scroll ALL THE WAY BACK UP to where I was reading before. Do you fuckers use computers or what? Do any of the devs of slashdot ever read the front page? Am I not using the Vorpal browser of power? This is some seriously stupid shit and it might have to do with some preference buried somewhere that I never indicated I was interested in enabling. Ok, I like the idea of adding more content to a page when the reader gets to the bottom, but the behaviour is wrong and causes 5 times more aggravation than the convenience offers in return. Every day I scroll down and then bam, I lose my place and then scroll back up. Slashdot is one of the sites that I watch regularly and I scan the headlines until I see old shit passing by alot of physorg and googlenews repeats. Why does the front page do this and why can't it be improved? Am I the only one who uses a mouse in an operating system with a graphical user interface? What Fuck Thee?
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WTF is wrong with Slashdot?

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  • You're presuming that Slashdot is teh geek, to the max, but actually all teh 1337 h4xx04z left aeons ago.

    This is so they can wander off and think they're accomplishing something, cause they don't know how to "g Pretty Ponies" from the browser box.

  • Help & Preferences --> Your Preferences --> Classic index --> General. Enable "Use Classic Index". Save changes.

    Help & Preferences --> Your Preferences --> Discussions --> Discussion Style. Select "Slashdot Classic Discussion System". Save changes.

    It's all better now. And when Taco and friends run a database query, they will see one more person in the "prefers /. classic" camp.

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