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maximus1 writes: If you're selling skills gained in an open source project you have additional opportunities to shine, say experts in this article. But what is the best way to explain your FOSS experience? "Someone stands out because of how they talk about the project," says Zack Grossbart, author of "The One Minute Commute". His advice is to describe the project, and discuss your contributions in detail. "If you were a committer, what did you do to earn that status? What features did you work on? Did you design new areas, or just implement predefined functions? Did you lead meetings? Define new architecture? Set the project direction?"

If the FOSS experience is part of your background but not a shining beacon or job equivalent, it's common to list it under "other experience." Andy Lester, author of "Land The Tech Job You Love" says: "Think of each project as a freelance job that you've worked on. Just as different freelance gigs have varying sizes and scope, so too does each project to which you contribute. The key is to not lump all your projects under one 'open source work' heading."

Good examples are worth a thousand words. Grossbart offers up his resume as a sound, but not perfect example that includes open source experience. (Note: The resume is at the bottom of the article on how to format your resume.). What resume techniques have worked for you?

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What to Include in Your Open Source Resume

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