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RunRevKev writes: The unveiling of Revolution 4.0 has sparked a debate on ZDNet about whether programming is being dumbed down. The new version of the software uses an English-syntax that requires 90 per cent less code than traditional languages. A descendant of Apple's Hypercard, Rev 4 is set to "...empower people who would never have attempted programming to create successful applications". ZDNet report that "One might reasonably hope that this product inspires students in the appropriate way and gets them more interested in programming."
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Dumbing down programming?

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  • I looked at rev4 briefly, and I see a gui builder and some scripts that replace "}" with "end"

    I don't get how this is different than programming in VB or Delphi, or even Java
    with a Swing GUI builder.

    It's the complexity of interacting logic and execution patterns and data structures that
    determines how hard it is to program. Not whether some reserved words read like English.

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