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Submission + - Ubuntu dumps the brown, gets new visual identity ( 4

buntcake writes: Canonical has launched a new visual identity for the Ubuntu Linux distribution. Ubuntu is shedding its previous brown look and adopting a more professional color scheme with purple and orange. The colors will be used in a new GNOME theme and boot splash for Ubuntu 10.04. According to updated design documents that were published in the Ubuntu wiki, "light" is the underlying concept behind the new visual identity. It displaces the "human" concept that has been part of Ubuntu's theming and brand vernacular for the past five years. Ubuntu community manager Jono Bacon has posted a screenshot and additional information.
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Ubuntu dumps the brown, gets new visual identity

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  • I've been so frustrated with the current theme that I spent hours looking for something apart from "Ubuntu brown", "Something-something blue" "Gnome/Windows 95 grey" and "Suse green".
    I ended up switching from a brown theme to a all white theme in the end.

    Good to see something pretty coming out of Millbank Towers:-)
  • Ok so after years of the terrible brown theme, they decided to make it better with.. orange and purple. Seriously guys, stop designing your own color schemes. It's obvious that you don't know what you're doing.
  • Finally an operating system that makes me feel FABULOUS!
  • Does anyone else think it looks a little like mac os x?

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