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chemicaldave writes: I'm graduating this May and have been seeking a programming position for months. It seems that the biggest hurdle to landing an interview is getting past the doorman that is HR. After reading this entry from Coding Horror describing the lack of programming candidates who can actually program, I can't help but scratch my head. I can program! (See how I put that link in?) If I can't land an interview, then even a short online evaluation of my coding skills would suffice. I just want a chance to prove myself. Alas, sending resumes to companies has rarely led to anything but an auto-confirmation email of my submission. I understand that sending resumes online is not the best method to landing an interview, but I come from a small rural school so job fairs rarely offer anything more than IT support positions let alone a programming position. It seems to me that developers are always looking for talented young programmers. We're out here looking for you too. Am I missing something?
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Ask Slashdot: Best Way to Land Entry-Level Job?

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  • Simply sending in a C.V. isn't enough. You need to find a way to connect with the people you are trying to contact.

    Write a brief covering letter. In it, don't simply repeat your resume, but tailor the letter to the company you are writing to. Without sounding cocky, explain why you feel you would be perfect for the role. If the cover letter sucks, then they won't even bother looking at the C.V. If possible, make sure you include your covering letter even when you apply via the web, or find out how to
  • It's not the know-how, it's the know-who.

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