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Submission + - Are Googlers Too Smart for Their Own Good? 1

theodp writes: If you're a mere mortal, don't be surprised if your first reaction to Google Storage for Developers is 'WTF?!' Offering the kind of 'user-friendly' API one might expect from a bunch of CS PhDs, Google Storage even manages to overcomplicate the simple act of copying files. Which begs a question: Are Googlers with 'world-class programming skills' capable of producing straightforward, simple-to-use programming interfaces for The Rest of Us?
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Are Googlers Too Smart for Their Own Good?

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  • (I have a third of a CS degree.)
    They use some abstract language, but what exactly do you find hard about it? It's a series of PUT and GET requests, with some metadata for auth/privileges and such. I'm not trying to be smug, but if I can understand something just by skimming a text, it isn't hard.

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