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Submission + - Loss of ice on Mt. Everest is "Devastating" 2

Simmeh writes: The BBC reports on new photos of the Himalayas taken from exactly the same position as ones from 1929 and compares the ice coverage. The Asia Society who did the groundwork are quoted as saying "If the present rate of melting continues, many of these glaciers will be severely diminished by the middle of this century.". I guess the previous claim wasn't too unrealistic.
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Loss of ice on Mt. Everest is "Devastating"

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  • The two photos certainly show a difference, but in isolation they don't prove that the glaciers are disappearing at all..... In the linked story, they don't even mention whether the two photos were taken at the same time of year -- presumably they are, but without saying so it could simply be that one is in winter, the other in summer!!
    • Time of year is fairly irrelevant with glaciers. The amount missing between the two photos is way more than could be gained or lost in just a single seasonal cycle.

      They have similar photos of other glaciers all over the world showing that the faces of the glaciers have moved back a considerable distance.

      This is a sign of global climate change. Whether it is caused by Humans or not, and the rate of change, is open to debate, that the climate is changing is not what everyone is arguing about. It is just

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