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Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Ted Dziuba has an interesting and amusing post on why he made a big mistake when he went to work for eBay and was offered a choice for his company laptop: Lenovo Thinkpad or MacBook Pro and picked the Mac, thinking it would be closer to what he was used to. So what's wrong with using the Mac as a development machine for Milo, a Python application backed by PostgreSQL and Redis? "I've only poked around a little, but so far I've found three separate package managers for OS X: Fink, MacPorts & Homebrew," writes Dziuba adding that when you are older, you will understand the value of automated version dependency satisfaction. "The scary part about having many general use package managers is that it pushes programmers toward using programming language specific package managers like gem and pip, which only serve to metastasize the problem." Next is that your development platform should be as close as possible to your production platform but "OS X and Linux have different kernels, which means different I/O & process schedulers, different file systems, and a whole host of other implementation details that you'll write off as having been abstracted away until you have your first serious encounter with "It Works On My Machine.'" Finally Textmate sucks. "Sooner or later, you have to face facts. Man up and learn Emacs." Dziuba used to be a big time Mac fanboy. In fact, he even had a letter published in Macworld magazine when he was 15. "However, at some point, I started writing code to put food on my table, and found that the Mac just does not cut it," concludes Dziuba. "Mac developers, stay out of the command line. You'll hurt yourselves.""
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Why MacOS X is Unsuitable for Web Development

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  • OS X comes with vi built in that works exactly like the vi I have on my linux box. Nobody should need to learn emacs.
    Also what web development would require kernel level IO? Perhaps he is doing way too much work himself and not letting the interpreters do their job properly.

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