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Submission + - Tcl announces NaTcl - Native Client Tcl ( 3

Minix writes: Tcl has announced the first scripting language to be supported by NaCl (google's native client,) giving Tcl programs direct access to Chrome's DOM and marking the first such scripting language alternative to JavaScript.

A demonstration of direct Tcl access to HTML5's Canvas is given. A variant of Tk for Native Client will soon follow.

Web Applications can right now be written completely in Tcl, as the original HTML specifications intended :)

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Tcl announces NaTcl - Native Client Tcl

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  • Tcl is great at what it was designed for - being the scripting "glue" behind widgets and other UI components. But anything more complicated than "glue" and it just falls apart due to excessive complexity. I speak from experience having tried over 15 years ago to go beyond glue logic - the experience made me a convert, away from Tcl which I had previously really enjoyed working with.

    • by msofer ( 410573 )

      15 years ago? A comment for the History Channel

      • Well duh!! Look at his UID, with yours being what it is I suspect you're just trolling.

        Your elders are to be respected and learned from. They have this thing called "experience", measured in years, that counts for so much more than your college graduation papers and social security check!

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