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Submission + - Adobe wants to read your Gmail 2

harryk writes: "Hope I'm not the first to submit this note about the most recent Adobe Acrobat update for Android devices (IOS unaffected?). According to the new permission requirements, "Read Gmail" is required. The only benefit of the new release is reportedly so that Acrobat can open when you want to read PDF files. The only problem with that logic is that Adobe Acrobat can ALREADY do this without needing to read my mail. From the update notes: "Adobe Reader now requires permission to read Gmail and default Email client. This is to enable users to open Gmail and default Email client PDF attachments using Adobe Reader only when users select the application to view PDF files. This permission is required because of a known limitation with the Android platform." ... Just tested this function and it works without the 'update'. What are you trying to do Adobe?"
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Adobe wants to read your Gmail

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  • Good, good, this is another handy note for future Adobe-to-human translation efforts. "A known limitation in the Android platform" translates to "our engineers are too incompetent to figure out how the ACTION_VIEW Intent works, and they can't figure out mime-types to set up the Activity to act on application/pdf, both of which have been basic parts of the Android platform since 1.0, so please leave us full access to your mail so we can parse everything out ourselves from scratch, plzkthx".

    • But seriously... who wants Acrobat on their android?!?! PDF is defunct... 90% of PDF's are just over sized JPG's only with the ability for malicious software to be injected into them..

      But seriously.. Acrobat is slow and bloated to all hell.. I wont even entertain the idea of installing it on PC let alone my phone where resources are scarce.

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