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Submission + - Oracle thinks Google owes it $6.1 billion damages (

An anonymous reader writes: When Oracle acquired Sun in 2009 the company got its hands on a lot of desirable technology. While OpenOffice may have fallen by the way side, Oracle isn’t about to let the Java programming language and its associated patents remain untouched if they can generate some additional revenue. In fact, the company is currently in the middle of a legal battle with Google over those patents that could potentially net Oracle billions and leave Android crippled.

In August last year Oracle sued Google for infringing Java patents and copyright by developing Android. Oracle argues that Android uses technology derived from Java and therefore infringes multiple patents. It wants compensation, but with most court documents and details not publicly available, it’s hard to know specifics.

However, new documents made available late last week revealed just how much Oracle thinks is an acceptable damages payment for Google to make. According to an expert Oracle hired, Google could be looking at a bill of between $1.4 billion and as much as $6.1 billion for its infringements.

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Oracle thinks Google owes it $6.1 billion damages

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