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MrSeb writes: "As portable GPS systems free-fall below $200, automakers stubbornly keep prices of onboard navigation at $1500 to $2000. There are a host of reasons why and they help explain but hardly excuse the bloated pricing of embedded navigation. Some auto analysts say $1000 is the most you can justify for first-class onboard navigation and sooner or later that may be the most, not least you’ll pay for the superiority of built-in navigation. There’s increasing sentiment within the industry that you are indeed getting ripped off today buying navigation systems. Why do in-car solutions cost so much? Integration with existing infotainment systems costs a lot, the generally-larger LCD screen isn't cheap, and even the increased-duration warranty adds to the cost. Realistically, though, if the unit costs more than $1,000, you're getting ripped off — but some upcoming cars from the likes of Hyundai look set to finally bring down the price."
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Why built-in car navigation is a ripoff

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  • dpoegbale units have their own pitfalls, short comings, and limitations compardd to indash units. s for pricing, its just like.they charge for premium systems... such as "infinity" or "bose systems. What you are actually getting for the grand or more add-on is complete crap. Sometimes is the same radio as in a standard system with an amp installed and maybe some tweeters. The speakers are still paper and the amp is crap. For the money you could do a much better sounding and functioning (ie: ipod, bluetooth,

    • wow.. no clue what my phone did but that first word *should* be portable and the rest of the reply got mangled too

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