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ideonexus writes: "As the Obama Administration takes the case to the U.N. to unite the world against the Iranian regime for an assassination plot against the Saudi ambassador to the U.S., they quietly admit that much of the alleged plot makes no sense, especially why the Iranian government would seek out a used car salesman to arrange the assassination. The news stories covering the plot emphasize the terrorist intent to also attack the Saudi and Israeli embassies and the car salesman's attempt to hire Mexican Drug Cartel members to perform the assassination, but the fact that the "Mexican Drug Cartel" was actually an undercover DEA Agent and therefore the car salesman had little to no chance of actually ever pulling off the plot gets buried deep in the news stories if it gets mention at all.

This American Life did a story a few years back about the first conviction in the FBI's war on Terror, Hemant Lakhani, a man with no connections to any terrorists or arms traders, but who was greedy enough that, when the FBI came to him pretending to be a terrorist organization, jumped at the chance to make some money finding them a missile to carry out their attack, and the FBI, also pretending to be an arms trader, sold him a fake missile. Then they arrested him and took credit for foiling a terrorist attack involving missile strikes against American targets.

This same pattern of the FBI finding completely incompetent people and setting them up with fake missiles and bombs has been repeated in the 2009 Synagogue Bombing Plot and the 2010 holiday tree lighting bomb plot in Portland. It's hard to sympathize with the people being convicted in these plots, who were given ample opportunity to bow out; however, it does seem like the FBI and news media are being disingenuous in its portrayal of these events and scaring Americans into increasing the Agency's budget with headlines that read "FBI FOILS BOMBING PLOT" when, in reality, without the FBI's involvement, it's extremely unlikely that these incompetent individuals would ever get close to pulling off the dramatic acts of terrorism the FBI is regularly taking credit for preventing.


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Is the FBI Being Disingenuous About Foiled Terrori

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