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Submission + - Ubuntu Lockdown 2

clava writes: We have a desktop Java testing application that is going to be administering tests to students on lab computers running Ubuntu 10.x. These computers are used by the students for other purposes and we're not allowed to create special users or change the OS configuration. When the testing app is launched, we need to restrict users from exiting the app so they can't do things like search the internet for answers or use other applications. Is there a good way to put an Ubuntu machine in kiosk mode or something via our application and have exiting kiosk mode be password protected? Any ideas are appreciated.
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Ubuntu Lockdown

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  • It seems someone has come up with a Kiosk version of Ubuntu already. Ubuntu Kiosk Edition [] Maybe you could just look at the scripts that have added and incorporate it into your stock Ubuntu version.

    Other than that, you could just create a simple keep-alive program that just looks at your java app and makes sure it is always running, and if not start it and maximize it.

    It could also send an alert with the computer name by email or something, to warn you of any cheating.

    This will only stop some people but y

  • i'd just change /etc/resolv.conf, set a couple of static entries in /etc/hosts and remove default route.

    that way the machine will only be able to access FQDNs defined in /etc/hosts and if somebody enters a direct IP address into web browser, the computer will not know a route to it.

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