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Submission + - Bay-area firms battling for interns while NYC firm ( 2

McGruber writes: The Wall Street Journal is reporting ( that tech interns are in high demand in the bay area. According to the author, "Technology giants like Google Inc. have been expanding their summer-intern programs, while smaller tech companies are ramping up theirs in response—sometimes even luring candidates away from college."

Meanwhile in NYC, CIOs lament that they are unable to retain 20-something techies according to a report in Network World ( Says one CIO, "It puts us in a really uncomfortable position to have this kind of turnover because knowledge keeps walking out the door. We invest in training people and bringing them up to speed to where they need to be, and boom they're gone. That has been my biggest struggle and concern."

It's the pay, stupid!

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Bay-area firms battling for interns while NYC firm

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  • Our company has the same issue of key staff leaving because the pay sucks. I've attended repeated meetings to discuss exactly this.
    It just boggles my mind how the big cheeses think. They all fundamentally believe that why employees come to work is because they have some special love for our particular average company, so after many meetings, the only solution they can come up with, and one which they seriously believe will stop people leaving, is to have some (zero cost) all-hands rah-rah meetings. Needless

  • It baffles me, too. People walk out the door because they get a better offer. It is as simple as that. Now, in some cases there may be other perks that will induce someone to stay... like for example if they live 3 blocks away rather than in some other suburb. Or maybe there is that rare person who considers a "better offer" to be better coffee and snacks. But you can't count on that kind of thing.

    Forget the studies that say that this or that is a better motivator than money to do a good job. That may be

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