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Submission + - PayPal Revises Privacy Policy, User Agreement Policy 1

wiedzmin writes: PayPal announced that they are following Google's suit in changing of both its privacy and user agreement policies, adding tweaks to its customer identification program and the way they collect and store its customers’ personal information. The changes will take effect on April 1st and will include the use of session cookies, persistent cookies, flash cookies and pixel tags for user tracking. Additionally, PayPal will reserve the right to limit, suspend or outright cancel any account if date of birth, taxpayer identification number, driver’s license or “other identifying documents” are not provided upon request, for "account verification" purposes. Other ridiculous provisions include their right to demand IRS form 1099-K from customers who receive more that 200 payments a year, and employ all tracking mechanisms on their mobile applications across all platforms.
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PayPal Revises Privacy Policy, User Agreement Policy

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  • No doubt to protect us all from drug traffickers, money lauderers, pedos and terrorists.

    Think I have the big four covered.

    Or, perhaps, this is just another evil attempt by a price gouging usurious monopolist to gouge us for more and assert absolute control. They are pure evil. The Stasi, nazis and commies would have loved PayPal.

    I see a rapid return to cash.

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