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Submission + - Wasteland 2 Reaches $1 Million In Funding in over 2 Days 1

sitkill writes: "The crowdfunding RPG from Brian Fargo (of Interplay fame) Wasteland 2 has reached it's funding goal of $900,000 in two days and most recently became Kickstarters fourth project to exceed $1 million in funding. Fargo has stated that he will take no money from this funding project as salary, and will be dedicating all funding to the game. Wasteland 2 also becomes the second high profile game funded via Kickstarter (the first originally being Double Fine Adventures) and has shown the possibilities of breaking from the traditional developer-publisher model. Interesting facts for Wasteland 2 is that the APP (average per pledger) dollar amount currently sits at $57 versus Double Fine's final APP of $38, which seems to indicate the Post-Apocalyptic RPG fans have money to spare. Wasteland 2 still has 32 days to go to break Double Fine's Kickstarter record of $3.3 million."
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Wasteland 2 Reaches $1 Million In Funding in over 2 Days

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  • And THIS is how funding for games should be done. []

    Two days of funding, $1 million. If the funding reaches $1.5 million, the OSX and Linux versions are in, which is almost a foregone conclusion at the rate it's currently going. Best quote so far?

    This is the beginning of a new era in gaming where the developer gets to work directly with the fans to build the type of product that the fans want. No focus groups, no pitches to the marketing team, no trying to get an executive committee to group-think their way to a project green-light. Now we just have a developer with a creative idea that resonates and a group of dedicated fans who are willing to lay down their money to buy it.


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