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snydeq writes: "Today's developers are overwhelmingly young and male, and they're barring the door from a more diverse workforce, writes Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister. 'Software development isn't just failing to attract women. It's actively pushing them away. ... Put all the pieces together, and you're left with an impression of developers that's markedly different from the geeks and nerds they're made out to be in popular culture. On the contrary, developers harbor the same attitudes and engage in the same behaviors you see whenever a subculture is overwhelmingly dominated by young males. They've even coined a clever name for programmers who think and behave like fraternity pledges: brogrammers,' McAllister writes. 'Developers like to think of their culture as a meritocracy, where the very best developers naturally rise to the top. But as long as the industry tends to exclude more than half of the potential workforce, that's nothing but pure arrogance. '"
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The ugly underbelly of coder culture

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  • If that Mr. McAllister has nothing to write, he doesn't need to force himself to write something

    I've been in this line since the late 1970's, yes, I', a male, but I ain't young anymore

    All through the years I've seen a sense of mutual respect, or camaraderie, amongst the developers, even when they originate from different culture, eat different food, speak different languages (and yes, most of them do "C")

    Keeping the female off? Oh, c'mon !

    We are in this line to create something new, we are not in this line

    • Yeah! Brogrammers!

      Anyway, if you can't argue, ie present your point clearly and not feel bad when people attack it, you're going to have trouble making it as a programmer. Some women have trouble with this.
      • More excuses for why women don't make good pgrammers, not why there are way less programmers. These are different questions.
        • Oh, well that's easy. People don't like doing things they aren't good at. They go on and find something more pleasant.

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