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Submission + - spies on your Skype Activity 3

Khyber writes: "A good anon has found out and informed me that spies on Skype calls. I use both, so I decided to follow his steps. I started by going to diagnostics (though I am linking his provided pictures) and and this is what one can expect to find. makes zero notifications that it will listen in on VOIP programs like Skype. Are there any other programs out there that we should be aware of which do this? I would really enjoy not using such privacy-invading programs."
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  • It also records who the call was with the first message, and who sends you a message.

  • Looks like I will be using grooveshark from now on...
  • If you choose to download the software, it will monitor all the music you listen to on your computer (even if you are not online). It will then send this information to via Audioscrobbler. This information will then be integrated into to enhance the depth of your record collection and the accuracy of your profile.

    The software cannot and will not collect and transfer any other information from your computer other than as described above.

    Yea, no. What I see totally indicates th

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