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Submission + - Toddler's iPad Tantrum Gets Him Kicked Off Plane 3

theodp writes: A three-year-old boy on an Alaska Airlines flight to St. Martin Island from Seattle threw such severe conniptions after his iPad was taken away before takeoff that he and his family were removed from the plane. Alaska Airlines said this was a judgment call on the captain's part — the boy reportedly wouldn't sit upright and wouldn't keep his seatbelt on. No word if the little tyke tweeted his disgust with how the airline deprived him of his iPad rights, a la Alec Baldwin.
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Toddler's iPad Tantrum Gets Him Kicked Off Plane

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  • He had every right to be upset. I'd like to see Alan Dershowitz on the case. He deserves an ice cream for all he's endured.
  • Blame the parents. Why give him an Apple product, at all? I'm sure that the flight staff would have been more sympathetic had it been an Android based device.

  • I don't have a problem with the child, I have one with the parents. The child should have been 'instructed' in the lavatory and then put back in his seat. There is a certain degree of responsibility on the flight crew as well as the parents to all other passengers, and we don't know what kind of plane it was ( small hopper or 727 ), but the parents are at fault.