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Submission + - Ask slashshot: Teching programming to salespeople

greglaw writes: "Our company makes development tools, meaning that all our customers are programmers. If you'll forgive the sweeping generalisation, on the whole good programmers don't make good salespeople and vice versa. However, it's important that our salespeople understand at some level the customers' problems and how exactly we can help. The goal is not to turn the salespeople into engineers, but just to have them properly understand e.g. what the customer means when he uses the term "function call". Most of our customers use C/C++ so it really wants to be this they learn (which is unusual: typically if you wanted to give someone a "taste" of programming you would choose a higher level language).

Does anyone have any recommendations for how best to go about this? Online courses or text books that give an introduction to programming in C/C++ would be great, but also any more general advice on this would be much appreciated."
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Ask slashshot: Teching programming to salespeople

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