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Submission + - Legitimate ebook lending community closed after copyright complaints ( 5

Ian Lamont writes: "LendInk, a community for people interesting in using the lending features of the Kindle and Nook, has been shut down after some authors mistakenly thought the site was hosting pirated ebooks. The site brought together people who wanted to loan or borrow specific titles that are eligible for lending, and then sent them to Amazon or to make the loans. Authors and publishers who were unaware of this feature of the Kindle and Nook, and/or mistakenly assumed the site was handing out pirated copies, were infuriated. LendInk's hosting company received hundreds of complaints and shut the site down. LendInk's owner says, "The hosting company has offered to reinstate on the condition that I personally respond to all of the complaints individually. I have to say, I really do not know if it is worth the effort at this point. I have read the comments many of these people have posted and I don't think any form of communication will resolve the issues in their eyes. Most are only interested in getting money from me and others are only in in for the kill. They have no intentions of talking to me or working this out. So much for trying to start a business and live the American Dream.""
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Legitimate ebook lending community closed after copyright complaints

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  • Since the dawn of time, ancient authors had written volumes of great books and they generously shared their books to everyone

    Ancient authors didn't worry about copyrights nor book pirates because that was not the purpose of writting

    Ancient authors wrote their books so that wisdom could be passed down, from one generation to another

    Today, everything has changed.

    Authors do not write books because they want to share their knowledge with everyone. Authors write books because of money.

    Yes, MONEY has replaced sha

    • You are naively off base here. Most books do not make any money.

      Most people who write books are doing it for one of two reasons, or both.

      One is to gratify their egos. People who write books are automatically highly regarded by certain kinds of gullible people, and most book writers are in it strictly because they crave this regard.

      If you write a book on some subject, even if you don't know what you're doing, you will be regarded as an authority, at least by some.

      The other main reason is that some people we

      • You are naively off base here.

        Maybe I'm naive, but ...

        One is to gratify their egos.

        The other main reason is that some people were never good enough for one or both of their parents, and they are not able to let go of this. Well into adulthood, they still want to impress that parent who did not acknowledge their worth.

        Per your definition, all the wisdom that we get from ancient texts were written by those who were either rejected by both of their parents, or those who wanted to inflate their own egos

        I sincerely hope you are right

  • Duh, it can't be that hard to find a better hosting company who will put up with the complaints.

  • If the lending is handled by Amazon or Barnes and Noble, where is the business?

    Seemingly conflicting quotes:

    "So much for trying to start a business and live the American Dream."

    "Lendink was operated solely by myself and operated the last couple of years with absolutely no income."

    I wouldn't run a no-income website to do something that is actually handled on Amazon or B&N. I mean, that amounts to doing free work developing an easier to use front end for this lending feature that Amazon or Barnes ought to