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wiredmikey writes: Chinese telecom giant Huawei, one of the two firms that Congress labeled it a spy threat, today offered to lay bare its source code and equipment in Australia in an effort allay fears and prove its innocence.

The firm's Australia chief John Lord has called for the establishment of an independent cybersecurity testing center where he said Huawei is willing to offer “complete and unrestricted access” to the firms software source code and equipment.

Lord said Huawei's future depended on its "complete transparency" on security and other issues, and dismissed questions about its links to the Chinese state, denying that client information had or ever would be shared.
Lord said simply blacklisting a country or company no longer made sense, with major telecoms companies sourcing their components from the same factories across the globe, adding that some 70 percent of Huawei's own materials came from outside China.

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Huawei Willing to Reveal Its Source Code

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