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Sooner Boomer writes: "Black Friday is coming on strong. The one thing I'm looking for this year is an e-reader. Actually, it doesn't need to be a dedicated e-reader like a Kindle or Nook, it could be a tablet. The requirements are: it has to read as many formats as possible (.pdf, .lit, .mobi, .txt, .etc). It should play .mp3s (audio books). It should be as inexpensive as possible, yet actually available. I don't mind jail breaking or rooting a device if that will increase the available formats. It would be nice if it had a memory card slot, or would br able to access my home nerwork (smb server). I've got terrible eyes, so it would be nice if it was backlit, but not a requirement. Suggestions?"
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Need E-Reader Recemmendations

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  • In order of preference - Acer Iconia, Color Nook, Sylvania something, iPad. Samsung Galaxy II is on sale Black Friday -- might buy that. All except iPad have miniSD slots, USB. Iconia and Samsung have HDMI for videos.

    Android. Find specs first. I like the Nook. It fits in a large pocket; handle keeps hand from getting tired. Can be rooted, but as is, is stuck with B&N store with Android 2.2, has no camera. Good for reading. Easy to load books from store or computer. Convert formats with Calibre software.

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