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Submission + - FBI publishes top email terms used by corporate fraudsters (

Qedward writes: Software developed by the FBI and Ernst & Young has revealed the most common words used in email conversations among employees engaged in corporate fraud.

The software, which was developed using the knowledge gained from real life corporate fraud investigations, pinpoints and tracks common fraud phrases like "cover up", "write off", "failed investment", "off the books", "nobody will find out" and "grey area".

Expressions such as "special fees" and "friendly payments" are most common in bribery cases, while fears of getting caught are shown in phrases such as "no inspection" and "do not volunteer information".

The top fraud words and phrases in email conversations:

        Cover up
        Write off
        Failed investment
        Nobody will find out
        Grey area
        They owe it to me
        Do not volunteer information
        Not ethical
        Off the books

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FBI publishes top email terms used by corporate fraudsters

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