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redletterdave writes: "Kickstarter announced some other interesting statistics about its funded projects in 2012, which went on to become New York Times bestsellers, Oscar nominees, Amazon hits, and space cadets last year. They ranged from the awe-inspiring (open-source music) to the delightfully strange (banana piano, squirrel census and the pizza museum). They filled our movie theaters (63 movies this year were Kickstarter-funded), and even comprised 10 percent of all Sundance films, with four Kickstarter-funded films even winning top prizes. As a website, Kickstarter enjoyed 709 million page views (+279% from 2011) and 86 million unique visitors (+252% from 2011) in 2012, but it remains to be seen whether Kickstarter can maintain its popularity moving forward, especially after its major policy change in September that disallows product renderings and simulations."
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Kickstarter Releases Site Statistics From 2012

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