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Submission + - NASA Tightens Security in Response to Insider Threat ( 1

CowboyRobot writes: "NASA has closed down its technical reports database and imposed tighter restrictions on remote access to its computer systems following the arrest of a Chinese contractor on suspicion of intellectual property theft. NASA administrator Charles Bolden outlined those and other security measures in March 20 testimony before a congressional subcommittee. Bolden said he had ordered a review of the access that foreign nationals from designated countries — including China, Iran and North Korea — are given to NASA facilities and a moratorium on providing new access to citizens of those countries. The agency's actions follow the March 16 arrest of Bo Jiang, a Chinese citizen, at Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C., as he prepared to leave the United States. The FBI, in its application for an arrest warrant, said it was investigating violations of the Arms Export Control Act."
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NASA Tightens Security in Response to Insider Threat

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  • china, north korea and iran agents most likely started leeching/scraping all publicly available material from nasa servers (along with other US government servers) piecemeal using botnets from within friendly countries on a regular basis long ago

    how stupid does the NASA and the US government think the rest of the world is?