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Submission + - Microsoft Is Testing Developer Biometrics To Predict Software Bugs 1

rjmarvin writes: Microsoft Research is testing a new method for catching errors and bugs in while developers code: biometrics By measuring a developer's eye movements, physical and mental characteristics as they code, the researchers measured alertness and stress levels to predict when a programmer will make a coding error. In a paper entitled "Using Psycho-Physiological Measures to Assess Task Difficulty in Software Development", the researchers summarized their study of 15 developers where they strapped an eye tracker, an electrodermal sensor and an EEG sensor to developers as they programmed various tasks. The study found that biometrics predicted task difficulty for a new developer 64.99% of the time. For a new development task, the researchers found biometrics to be 84.38% accurate. The researchers did not, however, comment on the invasiveness of biometric sensors to developers.
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Microsoft Is Testing Developer Biometrics To Predict Software Bugs

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  • Baby Brother is watching ....

    But how does this fix bugs. Managers invoke stress on purpose to meet deadlines.
    Terrible lighting in offices make a normal person blink and need to shift they eyes
    a lot.

    Caffeine the fuel of most high tech companies does less to make you alert than it
    does to keep you awake. Recall the comment about alcohol and coffee... "you are
    just a wide awake drunk". Wide awake with reduced inhibitions ....... sure check that
    code in... I am wide awake and buzzing like an alarm clock.


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