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An anonymous reader writes: At work yesterday, I overheard a programmer explaining his perception of the quality of the most recent CS grads. In his opinion, CS students who primarily learn Java are inferior because they don't have to deal with memory management as they would if they used C. As a current CS student who's pursing a degree after 10 years of experience in the IT field, I have two questions for my fellow Slashdoters: "Is this a common concern with new CS grads?" and, if so, "What can I do to supplement my Java-oriented studies?"
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"Real" Computer Scientists

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  • Don't learn a programming language, learn computer science. You should leave school with a solid background in at least three languages and you should expect to learn a new one every year or two in your career. If you're already learning Java, I recommend C (not C++ or C#) and a scripting language like perl, python or ruby as a minimum complement.

    That's the difference between computer scientists and code monkeys. Code monkeys know a language. More or less. Computer scientists know how to write software in t

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