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Submission + - The source code to SimCity is now open! ( 2

Tolkien writes: SimCity has been open sourced, yay! The open source version was renamed Micropolis (which was apparently the original working title) for legal reasons though. The OLPC will also be getting a SimCity branded version with QA support from EA. The only eye-roller is this bit: "There's been changes to the original system like a new splash screen, some UI feedback from QA, etc. The plane crash disaster has been removed as a result of 9/11." Aside from that are some very cool changes that have been made by Don Hopkins (he is the person who updated and ported what is now Micropolis). Among other things, it has been revamped from the original C to using C++ with Python, and the use of a Cairo-based TileEngine, which can even be combined with an included cellular automata machine called CellEngine, so the TileEngine can display the activities of automata.

I would link directly to the code, but then even fewer people would RTFA. ;) Actually, TFA is the only place I found a link to the source code. Also, yes it runs on linux, should run on Mac, but at a quick glance, I can't tell, can it run on Windows (yet)? Here's a pre-open-source /. article submitted by Don with more information.

Anyway, happy hacking!

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The source code to SimCity is now open!

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