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bobwrit writes: "Quoted from article: "HyperCard is a programming environment that can create applications as diverse as utilities and games by linking "cards" arranged into "stacks." Commands are executed through a natural-language scripting language called HyperTalk. The software has been phenomenally successful and highly influential. But Atkinson feels that if only he'd realized separate cards and stacks could be linked on different people's machines through the Net — instead of cards and stacks on a particular machine — he would have created the first Internet browser. " The article is here"
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HyperCard: What Could Have Been

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  • Runtime Revolution [] is the real successor of HyperCard. It supports modern conventions like color, multiple windows and the like, plus modern technologies like XML, Unicode, SQL database connectivity and more. It also runs and lets you deploy in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X - it looks native on all platforms and it ISNT java.

    You can put cards on your server and access them remotely, such as "" and have the stack open. A browser plugin is coming, too.

    Check out My 10 Minutes []

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