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Brian Jordan writes: "For 48 hours during the weekend of August 29-31st at the OLPC Physics Game Jam Boston, game developers are competing in teams of 2-4 to design and implement a physics-based game for the One Laptop per Child XO laptop. There are prize categories for indie, professional, and remote developers (Ludum Dare style). In addition to OLPC/Jam-related swag for all participants, one team will win an XO laptop! Participants should have some game development experience, but we'll be going over the development process during the event. Eric Jordan of the Box2D project will be giving a talk on developing physics games with pyBox2D for the OLPC XO. Nirav Patel, the Google Summer of Code student working on vision processing for the XO, will describe combining physics and vision processing for interactive games, and Alex Levenson, OLPC summer intern and creator of the x2o physics game will give a remote introduction to level design for his game. If you'll be in the Boston area this weekend, or want to participate remotely, sign up before August 22nd! If you're a graphic artist, sound designer, musician in the Boston area or want to be a volunteer, get in touch!"
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OLPC Physics Game Jam for an XO

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