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Real Time Strategy (Games)

Sports Bars Changing Channels For Video Gamers 351

dtmos wrote in to say that "This summer, StarCraft II has become the newest bar room spectator sport. Fans organize so-called Barcraft events, taking over pubs and bistros from Honolulu to Florida and switching big-screen TV sets to Internet broadcasts of professional game matches. As they root for their on-screen superstars, StarCraft enthusiasts can sow confusion among regular patrons... But for sports-bar owners, StarCraft viewers represent a key new source of revenue from a demographic—self-described geeks—they hadn't attracted before."

Coming Soon, Shorter Video Games 637

Hugh Pickens writes "Blake Snow writes that according to one expert, 90% of players who start a game will never see the end of it and it's not just dull games that go unfinished. Only 10% of avid gamers completed last year's critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption, according to Raptr, which tracks more than 23 million gaming sessions. 'What I've been told as a blanket expectation is that 90% of players who start your game will never see the end of it unless they watch a clip on YouTube,' says Keith Fuller, a longtime production contractor for Activision. The bottom line is people have less time to play games than they did before, they have more options than ever, and they're more inclined to play quick-hit multiplayer modes, even at the expense of 100-hour epics. 'They're lucky to find the time to beat a 10-hour game once or twice a month,' says Fuller of the average-age gamer. 'They don't feel cheated about shorter games and will just play a longer game for as many hours as their schedule allows before moving on to another title.' Even avid gamers are already warming to the idea of shorter games. 'Make a game worth my time and money, and I'll be happy,' says Casey Willis. 'After all, 10 hours of awesome is better than 20 hours of boring.'"
The Almighty Buck

Blizzard Reveals Diablo 3 (Real Money) Auction House 384

trawg writes "At a special event at Blizzard HQ in California, gaming press were treated to the first look at the Diablo 3 auction house — featuring real-world money transactions across different regions allowing you to buy and sell items with real money. There'll be a listing fee and a sales fee for auctions, and while they're not talking dollar numbers just yet, Blizzard assures gamers that they're not looking to pinch pennies." Update: 08/01 17:41 GMT by S :The other big piece of news about Diablo 3 is that it will require a persistent connection to Battle.net to play, even for single-player mode. Eurogamer has a detailed write-up about the current state of the beta.

Submission + - Batman Arkham City Review (gamesnol.com)

An anonymous reader writes: If the city is in trouble, who are you gonna call? No, not the ghostbusters. When it comes to psychomaniacs who threatens to overrun the city with jokes and deaths, Batman is the right person to call. Yes, Batman is out and at it again kicking ass of villains any time of the day when the people needs help.

Batman: Arkham City will be the latest addition to the Batman Series. This will be the sequel to the hit video game Batman: Arkham Asylum. The games was based on the Batman Comic book series which was made the geniuses of DC comics. The game is at its final stages of its development and that task is professionally handled by the skillful people of Rocksteady Studios. The game will be published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and DC Enterntainment and will be out on October this year. The exact dates differ depending on the location of the places but will surely be out in that month. The game will use the Unreal Engine 3 and will be available for the platforms PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and Wii. The game made a hype in the gaming world when it was announced early in 2010 in the Spike Video Game Awards for that year.

Batman: Arkham City will be of the same genre with the earlier version in the series. An open world video game where you have to beat all the bad guys up and at the same time, be stealthy enough to make beating the bad guys possible. Batman with his trusty utility belt will still be filled with all the gadgets in the first game only this time, the gadgets will be improved and will have more capabilities. Two more gadgets will be introduced in the game. A smoke grenade that Batman will use for cover and confuse the bad guys and a broadcast tracer device that can detect signals and pinpoint the origin of that signal. The game will incorporate more puzzle elements this time including a detective mode where Batman investigates scenes to get information he will be using to solve the puzzles.

If you watch the trailers of the game and its demos, you will see a very compelling visual effect that will give players an exciting gaming experience. The action is combined with stunning sound effects that perfectly blends with the game. Controls are quite easy to get used to so players can concentrate more on the gameplay and the technicalities of it. The game overall is really a great one which is worth the wait.


Submission + - Hitman Absolution Review (gamesnol.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The Hitman is at it again, causing chaos against bad guys and hype in the gaming world. Yes, the game is on its way out to give the fan of the series more excitement on top of the fun that they already had from the previous game.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Ars Technica Review Slams Duke Nukem Forever 462

Kethinov writes "Ars Technica writes one of their most negative reviews of a game in a long time, referring to Duke Nukem Forever as 'barely playable' and 'one of the worst games from a major studio in quite some time. The jokes border on hateful. The graphics are a blurry mess. The shooting is unsatisfying.' Their verdict? Skip this one."

AI Takes On Pac-Man 113

mikejuk writes "AI takes on Pac-Man — well, in fact it plays both sides. An annual competition challenges participants to write Java programs to control Pac-Man or the ghosts. It might not be chess, but it pits machine against machine, with algorithms going head-to-head as the AI ghosts try and eat AI Pac-Man."

Sony Online Entertainment Services Follow PSN Down 184

nam37 writes "Sony Online Entertainment's various services seem to be down and a message on the official site does not give much information on the particulars. According to a short post on the site, the services were taken down after an investigation revealed a deeper 'intrusion' than expected at first. This is the first we have heard that Sony's MMORPG arm had some sort of security breach. This could be part of Sony's plans to beef up security for the PlayStation Network, but this message seems to indicate that something more serious going on."

Geohot Denies Involvement In PSN Hack Attack 136

Stoobalou writes "Soon-to-be-celebrity hacker and thorn in Sony's side George 'Geohot' Hotz has denied any involvement in the ongoing breach at the PlayStation Network. The 21-year-old hacker — who is best known for creating the first software-based hack for the iPhone, and getting hypervisor access and exposing the root key to the PlayStation 3 — has made it clear that he had nothing to do with filleting Sony's online gaming servers, saying 'I'm not crazy.'"

Submission + - Review of the game Minecraft (reviewofthegameminecraft)

Alexj1742 writes: A description of “Minecraft” will change from individual to individual. For many players, it’s a virtual blueprint permitting them to build massive, architectural masterpieces. For some individuals it’s a survival-horror game that challenges them to create impenetrable fortresses as sanctuary in the dangers lurking at night.

The game casts players in the open world with nothing to utilize however their bare hands. When they harvest more resources, their inventory becomes rich with the blocks they pick up. With one of these blocks players can make tools that will enable them to mine and harvest faster.

Some minerals is only able to be mined by tools built from a particular resource. For example, a block of gold could only be mined by way of a pickaxe having an iron tip. Every one of the minerals amongst people have a very different look and various use. Cobblestone and wood can produce a player’s ideal home. Sand can be melted down inside a furnace to produce glass for windows and underwater tunnels.

Whenever a player generates a fresh level, that level of cla is exclusive. The formation from the mountains, water, caves, and trees-everything will be unique derived from one of player to another location. After the game is purchased, players have the ability to generate multiple levels to get the world they may be comfortable for more information on.

“Minecraft” has a almost all the time cycle which gives players an alternative gaming experience based on whether it be a.m. or p.m. During the day players are free of threats and they are in a position to run in regards to the world to collect the time they need to survive and make. In the event the sun sets, the entire world is overrun by ferocious polygons that resemble various creatures. The creatures, however, cannot spawn near light, giving players an advantage using keeping torches. People who find themselves brave enough to head to the night are given the luxury to generate weapons and armor to shield themselves. Furry K-9 companions may also be domesticated to defend their master from the crooks.
Developing a World

BUILD: A small town built by the player is observed in Minecraft. The game allows players to create nearly anything. (Corey Philipp)
Players can tunnel their way into intricate caverns deep below the top. Here the game’s most precious blocks, including crystal, can be mined. Carving one’s way far into the depths of the world can be a tedious process, but that’s the location where the mine cart come in handy. The mine cart is one kind of numerous luxuries hanging around. Players can put rail tracks with their destination, throw on a mine cart, and go for a ride. Many folks have leveraged this feature to construct huge roller coasters and also superhighways from the game.

“Minecraft” also features multiplayer gameplay which brings some other dynamic. Players are granted the opportunity put their minds together to develop that of a single mind cannot. Designed with switches, portals, elements, and a special stone to link all together, players have produced some very intricate creations in their worlds. Some have built full-scale replicas of NFL stadiums. One group went in terms of developing a scale model of the Star Trek Enterprise-D. Players have even were able to build working gadgets for instance calculators and computers.

Although the graphics from the game look somewhat outdated, it doesn’t take away from your experience that players get from “Minecraft.” With a huge number of user-created texture packs, the overall game will surely have many different looks. These cover anything from a photograph realistic texture, to themed textures inspired with the sci-fi film “Tron.”

The storyline behind “Minecraft” is among its most interesting parts, however, inspiring a future documentary film. The overall game was independently put together by one man, Markus Persson, also known as “Notch.” He spent less than a year bringing the project to it’s Alpha stage (the overall game has become in Beta 1.4_01). Considering that the game’s release, it has become an internationally phenomenon and it is approaching 2,000,000 individual copies sold. With constant updates for the game, Notch ensures players that “Minecraft” will be an ever-changing project and can never necessarily be completely finished,

“Minecraft” are available by reviewing the official website, minecraft.net. The existing cost is in euros, but factors out to approximately $20. If you aren’t committed to fork out the bucks just yet, a limited demo may also be played through the website.


Sony's New Android-based Dual Screen Tablets 129

trawg writes "Sony has officially announced a new line of 'Sony tablets.' There are two models, both offering 3G/4G and Wi-Fi running Android 3.0 — one is a typical tablet with a 9.4-inch screen and the other is an 'unprecedented dual screen' type. Digital content is a big focus: music, books and first generation PlayStation titles will all be available (subject to the usual region restrictions for content)."

FTC: "Video Game Self Regulation Works" 115

Itesh writes "Following an established trend, a Federal Trade Commission undercover shopper survey found that video game retailers continue to enforce most vigorously the ratings governing age and content that were established by the entertainment media industry. Music CD retailers lag far behind movie theaters, as well as movie DVD and video game retailers, in preventing unaccompanied children under age 17 from purchasing entertainment intended for mature audiences."

Submission + - Dynasty Warriors 7 Game Review (associatedcontent.com)

Xander756 writes: Dynasty Warriors 7 was released in North America on March 29th for both Xbox 360 and PS3. The game boasts the largest and most varied roster of characters of any Dynasty Warriors game yet. But is this enough to reinvigorate a franchise that many critics have called old and tired?

Submission + - Pangya: United Expansion Announced (mpogd.com)

An anonymous reader writes: MPOGD has the exclusive reveal of the upcoming Pangya expansion called Pangya: United. Included in the reveal are brand-new screens.

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