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TrollTech's Harri Porten On KDE Present And Future 11

Joe User writes: "Harri Porten is one of the most active KDE developers, working on mostly on Konqueror, while he is also a TrollTech employee, the QT creators. Harri talks to OSNews in an interview about KDE, QT 3, licensing and more."
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TrollTech's Harri Porten On KDE Present And Future

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  • At least for the few of us located up here in Norway (info on Norway []), and possibly as an indication for the rest of you, it would have been quite interesting to hear Harri's comments on Trolltech being based in the cold corner up by the North Pole.

    Due to the overall slowing down of the computer related business worldwide, there has lately been quite a few people in the Norwegian computing sector asking themselves, and each other, whether being based in Norway is the most profitable choice. Although from the first half of 2001, this [] article (sorry, norwegian only) states that some 40% of Norwegian tech companies are based abroad.

    Personally, I do not believe Norway to be the worst of choices, for any number of reasons, not the least of which is probably that I am Norwegian...

    But it would have been nice to know have someone in Trolltech felt about this!

  • I found it a little interesting how Porten says while answering the question about should QT replace X:
    " to see why we should be interested in replacing any of them [meaning X or other graphical platforms]."

    But later on in the same answer states that "KDE and Qt Palmtop are existing examples of how this framework then can be used to build a complete desktop."

    This question could have definetly used a follow-up, too bad it was an email interview...
  • For almost every question asked, his response boils down to, "Yep, we already have that. It was released a while ago. Here are the classes involved..."

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