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Mozilla Foundation Gains Rights to DevEdge Content 13

justinarthur writes "It looks like the content from Netscape's DevEdge site will going back on the air following months of downtime after AOL pulled the plug on the popular web development resource. The website contained what was considered to be the authoritive JavaScript documentation as well as nifty resources for web developers including the popular "Multibar" sidebar for Gecko-based browsers. According to MozillaZine, the newly reached agreement with AOL allows the Mozilla Foundation to "post, modify, and create new documents based on the former Netscape DevEdge materials." In response to this agreement, the Mozilla Foundation is starting a new project named "DevMo" that will be managed by Deb Richardson of LinuxCare, LinuxChix, and the Open Source Writers Group." Exciting, as the DevEdge program has effectively been out of the loop since July of 2003.
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Mozilla Foundation Gains Rights to DevEdge Content

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  • by stu42j ( 304634 ) on Friday February 25, 2005 @03:05PM (#11780165) Homepage
    According to Mitchell Baker, AOL will still own the original content. Mozilla is only getting a license to use it.

    This seems strange to me. What could AOL possibly want with it in the future?
    • They can sell it, at any time, to the highest bidder, be it MSKB or Google.
    • by sporktoast ( 246027 ) on Friday February 25, 2005 @03:41PM (#11780573) Homepage

      Speaking as someone who was actually employed by AOL (back about a decade ago), my guess is that AOL doesn't yet know what they might possibly want with it in the future. They only know that they might possibly want something with it in the future.

      Intellectual property hoarding. Someone wants it, so it must be worth something.

    • AOL already has it's own version of DevEdge for AOL 1-2-3 Publish users. Here's an excerpt:

      • use as many animated GIFs as possible
      • use the <BLINK> tag excessively
      • install a hit counter that will never exceed 50 hits in total
      • use every colour of the rainbow... on the same page!
      • uSe PrOpEr TyPiNg TeChNiQuEs LOL!!!! WTF
      • don't forget the <MARQUEE> tag, especially with the kewl neon-green-text-on-black-background
  • larger share of the browser markey i guess
  • OK I work in the market research industry and have worked on testing product names for clients but... Wouldn't 'MoDev' be a better name? Or 'DevZilla'? All I could think when I read this was "Mo -> 'mower -> lawnmower" and not "Mo -> Mozilla" Whatever the name, it is good to have this content available again.
  • From the linked slashdot story:

    Re:If... (Score:4, Interesting)
    by halo8 (445515) on Wednesday July 16, @01:16PM (#6453315)
    your a fool

    your a fool to belive that M$ is just sitting back and waiting 2-3 years to release IE 7, right now they have an update ready to go for IE 6.5, and should some "new technologies" come out before the next OS, rest assured that M$ will release a patch with most of the other stuff they were plannig on releasing anywayse.

    IE 6.5? Ready to go? Man,
    • And another... Re:If... (Score:5, Insightful) by *weasel (174362) Alter Relationship on Wednesday July 16, @01:17PM (#6453327) IE will continue to be developed and extended by MS army of coders. they're just going to lock the browser major version to the OS and not supply a standalone download. if you're thinking that IE is on feature freeze, you're greatly mistaken.

      aside from that, new features and standards are only added by web developers when the critical mass of the target market has access to the

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