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MySQL Mug and Ten Years of MySQL and PHP 109

Jamesday writes "Monty Widenius accepted a plaque celebrating ten years of MySQL and PHP at LinuxTag. Until the end of June MySQL also has some 10th anniversary MySQL mugs on sale which feature the names of all MySQL employees in April 2005, about 200 people who can personally testify that you can make a living from open source software. Since Slashdot and MySQL share many users in common, I asked the MySQL community manager to give some mugs away to the Slashdot crowd. An arbitrary number of registered Slashdot posters, at least one, whose answers are closest to the exact date when MySQL 1.0 was first released internally will get one. Answers in response to this post, 24 hour time limit; no employees, former employees, their relatives or others we think should be ineligible. Winner(s) will be notified by a reply to their post."
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MySQL Mug and Ten Years of MySQL and PHP

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